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Who is Whitney Wren?

Whitney Wren is a versatile American – fitness specialist, model, singer, photographer, and digital content creator. She was born on August 11, 1998, in Tampa, Florida.

Whitney Wren discovered her passion for fashion and beauty at an early age.

Her social media journey began by sharing outfit and makeup pictures on Instagram, swiftly building a substantial following.

Over time, Whitney has evolved into a prominent content creator, significantly impacting the fashion and beauty scene.

Whitney Wren’s net worth is mainly leverages her popularity on social media to promote her clothing and air freshener venture.

With a substantial following on OnlyFans, she offers exclusive content to her devoted audience for a monthly subscription of $14.

A photo of Whitney Wren
Whitney Wren
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Profile Summary

Info Details
Name Whitney Wren
Birth Date 11 August 1998
Birth Place Florida
Age 25 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches
Net Worth $2.5 Million
Profession Model, Fitness Expert, Singer
School Plants High School
Marital Status Single
Nationality American


Whitney Wren Net Worth

Whitney’s net worth is estimated at approximately $2-$5 million USD.

Whitney Wren’s main income comes from brand endorsements and sponsored posts on Instagram.

She earns an estimated $4-10k USD per post due to her high engagement rate.

In 2023, Whitney Wren’s total assets are worth approximately $2.5 million USD, primarily from model photoshoots and income from her fans.

She’s estimated to earn around $30k USD per month.

How Old is Whitney Wren?

Whitney born on August 11, 1998, is 25 years old.

At a young age, she has achieved a lot in her diverse careers, showcasing expertise in fitness, modelling, singing, photography, and creating digital content.

What is Whitney Wren’s Career?

Whitney Wren’s career kicked off as a content creator and influencer, gaining fame for her distinctive style, delightful personality, and captivating content.

With a significant presence on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, she is beloved by followers for her fashion advice, travel vlogs, and everyday life updates.

Furthermore, Whitney has presented compelling reels and reviews of various products to her followers.

Beyond her social media endeavours, Whitney has collaborated with numerous brands and engaged in projects with fashion and beauty companies.

Whitney Wren’s Education

Whitney attended Plants High School in Florida, where she was both popular and excelled academically, earning recognition from teachers.

During her childhood, she actively participated in plays and beauty pageants.

Completing high school around the age of 17-18, she continued her education at the University of Tampa, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication by the age of 21.

Whitney Wren Height

She is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is equivalent to 1.5 meters.

Whitney Wren Boyfriend

Whitney’s boyfriend is called Tyler Hearing.

They met on August 20, 2022 even though it wasn’t until September 17, 2023, that he officially asked her to be his girlfriend.

He shared the special moment in a video titled ‘I POPPED THE QUESTION’ on September 19, 2023.


Whitney Wren stands out as a highly successful YouTuber and model in today’s era.

Renowned for her makeup tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and comedic content on her YouTube channel, she has achieved significant popularity.

Additionally, Whitney has excelled as a model, participating in campaigns for diverse brands.

In 2023, Whitney Wren net worth was estimated to be around $2-$5 million USD.

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