Virginia Donald: Meet the ex wife of Shepard Smith

Virginia Donald is a name that might not ring a bell for many people, but she was once married to one of the most influential and controversial journalists in America: Shepard Smith.

So, who is Virginia Donald, and what has she been up to since her divorce from Smith?

In this article, we’ll explore the untold truth of Shepard Smith’s ex-wife, her early life, career, hobbies, and net worth.

We will also reveal some of the secrets behind their marriage and divorce, and how they have moved on with their lives.

A photo of Virginia Donald and her and ex-husband Shepard Smith
Virginia Donald and Shepard Smith
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Who is Virginia Donald?

Born in Mississippi, USA, in 1966, Virginia Donald is recognized as a TV personality and socialite.

However, she gained notable attention as the former wife of Shepard Smith, a news broadcaster affiliated with the Fox News network.

Profile Summary

Name Virginia Donald
Date of birth 1966
Place of birth Mississippi, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5ft 5inches
Weight 65kg
Education University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and Acting
Occupation Journalist, socialite, TV personality, social media personality
Net worth Over $2 million
Marital status Divorced
Ex-husband Shepard Smith
Marriage date 1987
Divorce date 1993
Children None
Hobbies Fashion, shopping, watching TV, going to theatre plays, traveling, animals

How Old is Virginia Donald?

Virginia Donald was born in 1966 and is currently 54 years old.

She hails from Mississippi and was raised in a family where both her parents worked as teachers at a local high school.

Her upbringing was in a religious family.

Early life and education

Virginia grew up in Mississippi, where her parents worked as high school teachers.

She attended the same high school where her parents taught.

Later, she pursued further education at the Meek School of Journalism and Acting at the University of Mississippi, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1988.

Professional Career as a journalist and additional pursuits

Virginia devoted herself to being a homemaker when she wed Shepard Smith in 1987.

It wasn’t until after their divorce that she began focusing on her career.

Over the years, she has established herself as a journalist, contributing columns to various US magazines.

While she has ventured into the film industry with minor roles in short movies and TV commercials, she is yet to secure a significant breakthrough role.

Additionally, Virginia is active on social media, where she has garnered a huge following across various platforms.

Marriage to Shepard Smith and other affairs

Virginia and Shepard were both students at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and Acting when they started their relationship in 1986.

They got married in 1987 after a year of dating but parted ways in 1993.

The reasons for their divorce remained undisclosed until 2002 when it was disclosed that Shepard had been involved with Giovanni Graziano, a colleague at Fox News.

Virginia Donald has not openly addressed Shepard’s sexuality, but it is now evident that Shepard is gay and could not conceal his attraction to men.

A photo of Virginia Donald Ex-Husband Shepard Smith
Shepard Smith
Photo Credit: Fox News

Who is Shepard Smith?

David Shepard Smith Jr., also known as ‘Shep,’ was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA, on January 14, 1964.

He is an American broadcast journalist who served as the managing editor and chief anchor for Fox News Channel from its inception in 1996 until October 11, 2019.

Shepard Smith’s Early Life and Education

Shepard, was born to his father, a cotton merchant David Shepard Smith Senior and mother, an English teacher Dora Ellen Anderson.

He was raised in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

After completing high school, his parents divorced, and he moved to Florida to live with his mother, Dora.

Nevertheless, he returned to pursue journalism at the University of Mississippi but left when he was just two credits short of graduating.

Despite not completing his degree, he remains a strong supporter of the university, making annual visits during football season.

Additionally, he gave the commencement speech at the university on May 10, 2008.

Virginia Donald’s ex-husband Shepard Smith’s Career

Shepard Smith had a distinguished career as a broadcast journalist, notably serving as the managing editor and chief anchor for Fox News Channel from its launch in 1996 until October 11, 2019.

Smith began his career in journalism and became a prominent figure in news broadcasting.

In October 2013, Shepard Smith took on the role of hosting his new show, “Shepard Smith Reporting,” following the conclusion of “Studio B” and “The Fox Report” shows.

In November 2017, some controversy arose when Shepard dismissed the Uranium One scandal as false.

Despite differing opinions on the matter, Shepard clarified his stance, acknowledging the entertainment aspect of opinion programming.

He emphasized his role as a journalist and not a part of the opinion programming team.

As of now, the Uranium One scandal remains unresolved, with no evidence of any wrongdoing associated with it.

Does Virginia Donald have any children?

Despite being married to Shepard Smith for nearly six years, Virginia did not have any children during their marriage.

As of now, Virginia remains without children.

Virginia Donald Interests and Hobbies

Virginia has a keen sense of fashion, staying updated on the latest trends and confessing to a bit of a shopping habit.

Her Instagram profile showcases her unique outfit combinations.

In her leisure time, she enjoys watching TV, especially animated films like “Mary and Max” and “Despicable Me.”

She holds a special affection for Studio Ghibli, particularly their films “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.”

Additionally, Russell Crowe and Emma Watson top her list of favorite actors, and she also appreciates attending theater plays.

Despite visiting several states in the US, she is yet to explore Europe.

She is also an avid animal lover and has a pet dog.

Virginia Donald’s Appearance (Height and Weight)

Virginia possesses lengthy brown hair and dark eyes.

She is the average height of an American woman and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Furthermore, she weighs approximately 143 pounds (65 kilograms) and wears shoe size seven.

Virginia Donald Net Worth

Virginia has a net worth exceeding $2 million, whereas her former spouse Shepard has a net worth surpassing $25 million.


Virginia Donald is a fascinating person with a lot of interesting stories.

She’s a native of Mississippi, got into journalism, and is known for her sense of style and social media presence.

Even though she went through a divorce with Shepard Smith, she has since pursued her own career as a journalist, socialite, TV personality, and social media star.

Additionally, Virginia Donald has maintained a low profile and a dignified silence about her ex-husband’s sexuality and affairs.

She is a fashion lover, an animal lover, and a travel lover, who enjoys life to the fullest.

Virginia Donald is a woman who deserves respect and admiration for her achievements and her resilience.

It will be exciting to see what she does next!

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