Tiffany Pesci: Daughter of Hollywood Icon Joe Pesci

Tiffany Pesci, the sole offspring of Hollywood legend Joe Pesci.

She is known for her famous father’s iconic roles in Hollywood history.

This include memorable performances in movies like Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino, and Home Alone.

However, what can we learn about Tiffany herself?

Tiffany Pesci is the daughter of the renowned Hollywood actor Joe Pesci and American actress Claudia Haro.

She is a charming young woman who has been in the public eye from the moment she was born.

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Tiffany Pesci
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Tiffany Pesci Profile Summary

Attribute Information
Name Tiffany Pesci
Place of Birth United States
Age 31 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Height 5 feet
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Father Joe Pesci
Mother Claudia Haro
Profession Model
Net Worth $50 million

Tiffany Pesci Biography

Tiffany Pesci, the daughter of Hollywood icon Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro.

She was born in the United States in 1992.

Her family: Angelo Pesci, a General Motors driver, and Maria Mesce, a part-time barber, comprise her paternal grandparents.

Tiffany’s father, Joe Pesci, has had a complex marital history, with three marriages in his past.

His third marriage to Claudia Haro, Tiffany’s mother, lasted from 1988 to 1995 and resulted in the birth of Tiffany.

However, their separation was followed by Claudia’s marriage to Garrett Warren.

It ended tragically when Warren was shot multiple times in 2000, an incident involving Claudia Haro.

She faced conviction and a prison sentence, ultimately securing her release in August 2019. In 2007, Joe Pesci briefly dated and became engaged to Angie Everhart, but their relationship did not las

Today, Tiffany Pesci leads a discreet and private life, steering clear of the public controversies that have marked some chapters of her family’s history.

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Who is Tiffany Pesci
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What is Tiffany Pesci’s current whereabouts?

Information about the daughter of Joe Pesci is scarce regarding her professional endeavors, apart from her work as a model.

She maintains a high degree of privacy about her personal life, making it challenging to pinpoint her current location or activities.

Who is the mother of Tiffany Pesci?

Tiffany Pesci’s mother is Claudia Haro, a former actress and model known for her roles in films like “With Honors,” “Casino,” and “Gone Fishin’.”

She was in a marital union with Joe Pesci from 1988 to 1992, and Tiffany was born during their marriage.

However, Claudia’s life took a disturbing twist when she was found guilty of attempting to harm her second spouse, Garrett Warren, a stuntman.

Who is Tiffany Pesci’s Father?

Tiffany Pesci’s father is Joe Pesci, an acclaimed actor and musician who has garnered an Oscar and numerous accolades for his outstanding performances.

Initially, he embarked on his career as a singer and guitarist before transitioning to comedy and acting.

Joe has gained renown through his significant collaborations with Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, along with his comedic roles in Home Alone and Lethal Weapon franchises.

In 1999, Joe made an official retirement announcement from acting; however, he later made a comeback, featuring in films such as The Irishman and The Good Shepherd.

Alongside his acting career, he has also delved into music, having released three albums, with the most recent one titled “Pesci… Still Singing” in 2019.

Tiffany Pesci Career and Net worth

Tiffany Pesci is a model who has graced the pages of numerous magazines and featured in various advertisements.

Additionally, she ventured into acting, marking her entry into the world of television with her debut appearance in the series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in 2016.

In the show, she portrayed the character Maya, a teenager embroiled in a murder case.

The daughter of Joe Pesci pursues a career in modeling, with typical earnings for models in the United States ranging from $25.8K to $33.6K.

Her father, Joe Pesci, boasts a substantial net worth of $50 million.

In his possession, Joe has a white BMW valued at approximately $120,000 and a Chevrolet with an estimated worth falling within the range of $138,000 to $160,000.

Additional facts about Tiffany’s family

This include her younger sister named Kaylie Garret from her mother’s second marriage.

Furthermore, her father, Joe Pesci, declared his retirement from acting in 1999.

He is also a musician with three albums to his name.

Interestingly, Tiffany’s parents initially crossed paths during an Easter Brunch.

However, her mother faced legal troubles and was sentenced to California Institution for Women in California in April 2009.

Despite having celebrity parents, Tiffany Pesci maintains a discreet presence on social media platforms, opting for a private life.

Nevertheless, she shares a strong and close bond with her father.

In summary

Tiffany Pesci inherits talent from her father Joe Pesci, excelling in modeling and acting amidst challenges from her mother’s legal issues.”

Tiffany Pesci, Joe Pesci’s daughter, adeptly follows in her father’s footsteps, overcoming challenges to establish her own career path.

She is undeniably a rising talent in need of greater acknowledgment for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

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