Is Trey Makai Single?

Is Trey Makai Single?

A TikTok creator and choreographer gained fame through his Trey Makai profile for sharing dance routines.

After facing a setback with his account being blocked, despite amassing over 400,000 followers, he rebuilt his presence.

He’s now officially represented by Next Step Talent and boasts over a million subscribers on YouTube.

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Is Trey Makai Single
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Trey Makai Profile Summary

Field Information
Name Trey Makai
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth 21 August 2008
Age 15 Years Old
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Currently, Live In Salt Lake City, Utah
Profession TikToker, YouTuber, Instagrammer, Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity American Descent
Hometown Salt Lake City, Utah
Zodiac Sign Leo
School/High School Local High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Education Qualification High School

Early Life & Education of Trey Makai

Born on August 21, 2008, in the charming city of Salt Lake City, Utah, Trey Makai will turn 16 in 2024.

Growing up in a nurturing environment, Trey’s parents supported his interests and talents, fostering his development.

Raised alongside his siblings Riley and Ellie in a supportive household, Trey was encouraged to explore his creative pursuits.

Trey Makai’s passion for dance emerged early on, leading him to share his captivating performances on TikTok in 2020.

His remarkable skills and infectious enthusiasm quickly garnered attention, propelling him to fame.

Despite facing setbacks such as account suspensions and restarts, Trey’s determination only fueled his rise to prominence.

In 2023, Trey is a high school student in Utah balancing his academic pursuits with a thriving online career.

His dedication and balanced lifestyle exemplify his commitment to both education and the arts.

Trey Makai’s Personal Affairs

Trey Makai opts to maintain privacy regarding his past romantic relationships.

As a young celebrity, he values his personal space and chooses to keep his romantic life away from the public eye.

Despite fans’ curiosity and speculation about his relationship status, Trey prefers not to disclose such details, maintaining a reserved stance on the matter.

Trey Makai’s Family Background

Trey Makai’s father, Mr. Makai, pursues a business career, while his mother, Mrs. Makai, assumes the role of a stay-at-home mom.

Additionally, Trey has two siblings: Riley Makai, his brother, and Ellie Makai, his sister.

Is Trey Makai Single?

At present, Trey Makai is single and not involved in any romantic relationship.

He does not have a spouse and is not actively dating anyone.

Furthermore, there is no available information regarding his past relationships.

Trey Makai’s Social Media Presence

Find Trey Makai on:

  • TikTok: @TreyMakai
  • Instagram: @TreyMakai
  • YouTube: Trey Makai
  • Twitter: @Treymakai

Trey Makai Trivia In May 2021, Trey showcased his dancing skills to Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

He delights his over 650,000 Instagram followers by sharing dance videos alongside snapshots of his stylish outfits.

Trey Makai’s Professional Journey

In 2020, Trey Makai launched his career as a TikToker by sharing his dance videos on the platform.

Simultaneously, he debuted his Instagram account, showcasing his remarkable photography.

Within a brief timeframe, he has accumulated millions of followers across both Instagram and TikTok.

Trey Makai’s Financial Status

Trey Makai, the American social media sensation, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and TikTok personality, boasts a net worth of $1 million.

He is rapidly emerging as a prominent figure in the US social media landscape.

Since launching his TikTok account in 2020, Trey primarily shares his dance performances.

Across various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, he has amassed millions of devoted followers.

What is Trey Makai’s age?

Trey Makai will be turning 16 years old in 2024.

He was born on August 21, 2008, under the zodiac sign of Leo.

What is Trey Makai’s height?

Trey Makai stands at a height of 149 centimeters, equivalent to 4 feet and 11 inches.

What makes Trey Makai renowned?

Trey Makai is gaining increasing fame across social media platforms.

With over 3 million followers on TikTok, he is widely known for sharing dance videos and related content.

Additionally, he boasts more than 509 thousand followers on Instagram, where he predominantly shares lifestyle photos.

Starting his YouTube channel on February 8, 2020, Trey has garnered over 47,000 subscribers.

In which shows does Trey Makai appear?

Trey Makai is notably recognized for his roles in “Mani” (2017) and “Little Kids Nowadays” (featuring Brent Rivera).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Trey Makai currently dating anyone?

Answer 1: No, Trey Makai is not currently dating anyone. He has not been linked to any romantic partners publicly.

Question 2: Has Trey Makai ever been in a relationship?

Answer 2: Trey Makai has not publicly disclosed any past relationships. He maintains a private stance on his romantic life.

Question 3: Are there any rumors about Trey Makai’s relationship status?

Answer 3: There have been no rumors or speculation regarding Trey Makai’s relationship status. He keeps his personal life private and focuses on his career.


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