How Tall is JT? All to Know about City Girls’ Jatavia Johnson

How tall is JT?

JT stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, approximately 1.83 meters or 183 centimeters.

Additionally, she weighs 54 kilograms, which is also 119 pounds.

JT, real name is Jatavia Shakara Johnson, is famous for being a member of the hip-hop duo City Girls from Miami.

She became widely known after appearing in Drake’s song “In My Feelings.” Besides, she’s also known for the track “Twerk,” which features Cardi B.

JT’s height and other body measurements have become a point of interest for fans, particularly following her collaboration with Cardi B.

You can just read on to discover more about how tall JT is and how her height impacts her music career.

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Who is JT?

JT, real; name Jatavia Shakara Johnson, is a rapper and one-half of the hip-hop duo City Girls.

She gained prominence for her collaboration with Caresha Romeka Brownlee, known as Yung Miami, forming City Girls in Miami, Florida.

JT rose to fame with City Girls’ bold and unapologetic style, gaining attention for their hit songs like “Act Up” and “Twerk.”

Despite facing legal challenges, including a prison sentence, JT has persevered in her music career, collaborating with notable artists like Drake and Cardi B.

Her contributions to the hip-hop scene have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the industry.

Profile Summary

Name JT (Jatavia Shakara Johnson)
Age 31 years old (As of May 20240
Date of Birth December 3, 1992
Birthplace Liberty City, Miami, Florida, USA
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity African American
Nationality American
Sibling Jai
Body Measurements
– Breast 36 inches
– Waist 28 inches
– Hips 38 inches
Height 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs)
Group City Girls

How Tall is JT?

As mentioned previously, JT’s height is about 5 feet 4 inches, that is 1.63 meters or 163 centimeters.

According to world data, JT is on average the exact height for an adult American female.

Despite her average height, JT often gives the impression of being taller due to her frequent use of heels.

Nonetheless, she surpasses the heights of many female rappers and other musicians in the American industry, although there are also taller female artists.

Comparing JT’s Height with Other Rappers

City Girls, comprises of two artists, Jatavia Shakara Johnson (JT) and Caresha Romeka Brownlee, known as Yung Miami. 

Fans of the rap girl-group often are curios about the heights of their favorite girlies. Here’s an insight into their height comparison.

JT Vs her fellow City Girl, Yung Miami

Born on February 11, 1994, Yung Miami measures 5 feet 7 inches. She is taller than the average adult female height by 3 inches.

This puts her 3 inches taller than her fellow city girl rapper, JT, who is 5 feet 4 inches.

During their stage performances, both artists often seem to be of similar height, as JT compensates by wearing taller heels.

However, the disparity in their heights becomes more apparent when they wear identical heel sizes or when they are barefoot.

City Girls' rap duo, JT and Yung Miami
source: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

How Tall is JT Compared to Cardi B?

Cardi B is just an inch shorter than JT, who is 5ft 4 inches tall.

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, aka Cardi B, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, just an inch below the average height for adult women.

In contrast to JT’s height, Cardi B is one inch shorter. This minor difference in height may not be easily seen on stage, given its insignificance.

JT’s Height Compared to Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian rapper, songwriter, and singer born on December 8, 1982.

She is renowned for her distinctive rap style, accent, alter ego, and musical adaptability.

Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, Nicki falls below the average height for women.

In contrast to JT’s height, Nicki Minaj is 2 inches shorter.

What’s the Height Difference Between JT and Doja Cat?

Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini on October 21, 1995, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

She has partnered with City Girls on numerous tracks.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, she is an inch taller than JT.

Collaborations between them include tracks like “Kitty Talk,” “Do It,” and “Pussy Talk.”

Despite this slight height difference, JT’s love for towering heels during performances makes their heights indistinguishable.

JT’s Body Measurements and Weight

Jatavia Shakara Johnson, JT, weighs 54 kg, equivalent to 119 lbs.

As a 31-year-old rapper, her weight falls within the healthy body mass index range, scoring 20.4 kg/m².

This suggests that her weight is suitable for her age and height.

With a curvaceous figure, JT’s body measurements are as follows: 36 inches bust size, 28 inches waist size, and 38 inches hip size.

These measurements contribute to her well-proportioned figure.

Has JT had Facial Enhancements?

In early 2021, rumors circulated about JT from City Girls undergoing facial surgery.

Speculations arose from alleged before-and-after photos suggesting a change in her appearance.

However, JT swiftly addressed these rumors, refuting any claims of facial enhancement.

Additionally, she acknowledged past skin issues but asserted that her facial appearance remains unaltered.

Are JT’s Curves Authentic?

Another topic of public discussion revolves around whether JT’s curves are the result of surgical enhancements.

Her striking figure prompts speculation about the authenticity of her curves.

Nevertheless, JT has consistently denied undergoing any type of body enhancement procedures.

Thus, until she states otherwise, we’ll adhere to her assertion that her curves are entirely natural.

JT’s Boyfriend

Jatavia is currently dating Lil Uzi Vert.

The couple has been together on and off again since October 2019.


Here are some trivia facts about Jatavia Shakara Johnson, also known as JT:

  • City Girls Formation:

Jatavia Johnson, along with Caresha Romeka Brownlee (Yung Miami), formed the rap duo City Girls. They gained attention with their bold and unapologetic style.

  • Legal Troubles:

JT faced legal issues, including a prison sentence for credit card fraud, which led to her absence from City Girls for a period.

  • Collaborations:

JT collaborated with prominent artists like Drake, featuring on his hit song “In My Feelings,” which significantly boosted her recognition in the music industry.

  • “Twerk” Success:

One of City Girls’ notable songs is “Twerk,” featuring Cardi B, which garnered millions of views on YouTube and further solidified JT’s status as a rising star.

  • Public Image:

JT is known for her confident persona and outspoken nature, often addressing social and political issues through her music and public statements.

  • Personal Life:

While much of JT’s life is in the public eye due to her music career, she also maintains a level of privacy about her personal life, including her relationships and family.

These trivia points provide insight into JT’s journey in the music industry and her impact on hip-hop culture.


JT’s height of 5 feet 4 inches, places her at an average stature among women.

Despite her average height, JT’s presence in the music industry is anything but ordinary.

Through her dynamic performances, bold lyrics, and unwavering confidence, she stands tall as a trailblazer in hip-hop.

While her physical height may spark curiosity, it’s her towering talent and undeniable charisma that truly elevate her in the eyes of her fans.

JT proves that in a world where height may be measured in inches, it’s the depth of one’s talent and character that truly matters.

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