Reginae Carter Net Worth: Discover Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Wealth

Get into the world of Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter and unravel her net worth.

Discover Miss Carter’s thriving career in both entertainment and business ventures.

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What Is Reginae Carter Net Worth?

Reginae Carter, daughter of hip-hop icon Lil Wayne and reality TV star Toya Johnson, has forged her own path in entertainment.

As of 2024, she has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million, as reported by several sources.

Reginae Carter’s story showcases her pursuits in music, acting, and entrepreneurship, highlighting her diverse talents and business savvy in an industry where she grew up under the spotlight.

Starting her career young, she appeared in her dad’s music videos and modelled for different brands.

Additionally, she began acting in 2017 on the TV show “Growing Up Hip Hop” and then got roles in several movies and shows.

Reginae Carter’s earnings are from TV appearances, modelling and brand sponsorships.

How Old is Reginae Carter?

Born in Louisiana, New Orleans on November 29, 1998, Reginae Carter is 25 years old. She will however turn 26 years in November 2024.

Who are Reginae Carter’s Parents?

Reginae Carter’s father is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, widely known as Lil Wayne.

He is a famous rapper, entrepreneur, and actor who began his rap career at a young age.

Miss Carter’s mother, Toya Johnson, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a successful businesswoman.

Reginae Carter’s parents were high school sweethearts, with Lil Wayne being sixteen years old and Toya being fifteen when they welcomed Reginae into the world.

Despite their young age, they got married on Valentine’s Day in 2004 but eventually divorced in 2006.

Toya struggled with Lil Wayne’s demanding singing career, often keeping him away from home for extended periods.

Nonetheless, they maintain a friendship and co-parent their daughter together.

Career and Professional Achievements of Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter joined the spotlight early on, first appearing in her dad’s documentary in 2009.

She later joined the girl group OMG Girlz but eventually decided to pursue a solo career.

By 2013, she had signed a deal with her father’s record label and released her first solo single, “Videotape.”

Later on, Reginae then expanded her horizons by appearing in reality TV shows and making her acting debut in “Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta” in 2019.

Showing her entrepreneurial side, she launched clothing lines such as the Reginae Carter Collection and Shut Up.

Notably, in 2022, she entered the athletic wear market with her own brand, IFTIN.

Contributing to Society: Advocate for Young People

Besides her accomplishments in her career, Reginae Carter is recognized for her charitable efforts and activism.

She has used her influence to support causes concerning youth and education, showcasing her role as a leader within her community.

She also serves as an inspiration for young women, promoting empowerment and fostering creativity through her advocacy.


Reginae Carter net worth of $2.5 million shows how she has done well in the entertainment world.

It’s all about her skills, business smarts, and dedication to making her own name in the industry.

Even though many would argue that her famous parents have a hand in her financial success, Reginae is a true hard worker.

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