Marlona Buchanan: Meet Tanner Buchanan’s mother

Several parents feel proud when their children achieve success, and Marlona Buchanan is one such parent.

She’s famous because of her son, Tanner Buchanan a renowned American actor known for his roles in shows like Designated Survivor, Cobra Kai, and Game Shakers.

Join us in this article to learn more about Marlona Buchanan’s life.

An imageof Tanner Buchanan, the son of Marlona Buchanan
Tanner Buchanan
Source: IMDb

Who is Marlona Buchanan?

Marlona is a well-known celebrity parent, famous for being Tanner Buchanan’s mother.

Her son Tanner is a popular actor in American movies and TV shows, recognized for his roles in hit films like “Cobra Kai” (2018), “Designated Survivor” (2016), and “The Fosters” (2013).

Profile Summary

Full Name Marlona Buchanan
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Steve Buchanan
No of Children 2
Son Tanner Buchanan

How Old is Marlona Buchanan?

Currently, Marlona’s birthdate is not available online.

Marlona seemingly is such a private person and most of her details are not really available online.

What nationality does Marlona Buchanan hold?

Marlona  is thought to have been born and brought up in the United States, her native land.

Therefore, she possesses American citizenship by virtue of being born there.

Marlona Buchanan’s Husband

Marlona Buchanan is the spouse of Steve Buchanan, who is known for his business and entrepreneurial ventures in travel.

They are parents to two children, Tanner and Marrae Prowant.

Marlona Buchanan’s Height and Weight

There is no available information online about Marlona Buchanan’s body appearance.

However, her son, Tanner, stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 67 kilograms.

Marlona Buchanan’s Famous Son: About Tanner Buchanan

Tanner Buchanan, Marlona Buchanan’s son, is a well-known American actor born in 1998 in the United States.

Tanner gained fame for portraying Leo Kirkman in the ABC political drama “Designated Survivor” and Robby Keene in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai.”

Additionally, Tanner starred as Mason Kendall in the Nickelodeon television series “Game Shakers.”

This distinguished actor made his acting debut in a series titled “Modern Family,” portraying a child character in his initial television appearance.

Tanner Buchanan has also been featured in “The Goldbergs,” “Major Crimes,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Furthermore, he secured roles in “The Fosters,” “Game Shakers,” and “Girl Meets World.”

In the television drama “Designated Survivor,” Tanner Buchanan played the character Leo Kirkman.

Additionally, he was cast in the reimagined version of “She’s All That,” called “He’s All That.”


Marlona Buchanan, Tanner’s mother has kept her life rather private for a celebrity mother.

Unlike her famous son, there isn’t much details about her life available to the general public.

That covers all the details about Marlona Buchanan, also recognized as Tanner Buchanan’s mother.

Despite her connection to the entertainment industry through her son, Marlona has chosen to keep her personal life private, away from public attention.

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