Les Zampino: Taekwondo, Triumphs, and Transformation

Who is Les Zampino?

We’ve discovered insights into the journeys of various actors and actresses who’ve dedicated considerable effort to establishing and maintaining their presence in the public eye.

For instance, Les Zampino became notable due to his daughter’s success, a somewhat uncommon occurrence.

During Sheree Zampino’s youth, her parents separated, and she primarily spent her time with her father, who worked at a theater in Schenectady.

What do we know about Sheree Zampino’s father?

Here’s what we’ve gathered.

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Les Zampino
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Les Zampino Profile Summary

Category Information
Full Name Les Zampino
Nickname Les
Year of Birth 1930
Place of Birth Schenectady, New York, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital Status Divorced
Daughter Sheree
Profession Martial artist
Eye Colour Brown

Les Zampino’s Age

Les Zampino, the renowned martial artist, was born in the 1930s, making him 88 years old.

Unfortunately, detailed information such as his height, weight, and other physical measurements remains unavailable.

Much of his upbringing, horoscope, and information about his siblings are also unknown to the public.

However, it is known that he is the father of Sheree Zampino.

Given the late recognition of his fame, it’s understandable that he maintains privacy regarding such personal details.

Is Sheree Zampino currently married?

The actress has entered into matrimony twice, with each marriage resulting in a child.

Following her first marriage to Will Smith, a prominent Hollywood actor, she tied the knot with Terrell Fletcher, a former NFL player, in 2007 in a discreet ceremony.

Regrettably, their union ended in July 2014 after a brief period.

Sheree Zampino’s Children

Sheree Zampino’s offspring consists of two children:

Trey Smith and Jodie Fletcher.

Trey, born on November 11, 1992, is her son from her union with Will Smith, while Jodie is her daughter from her marriage to Terrell Fletcher, her second spouse.

What is Sheree Zampino’s Occupation?

The former spouse of a celebrity is a versatile individual with a range of talents.

She is involved in acting, producing, social media influencing, and entrepreneurship.

Her acting career commenced in 2001 with the film “Our Journey,” and she has appeared in various shows such as the Do Something Award.

Additionally, she founded Sheree Elizabeth LLC, a skincare company stemming from her passion for fashion and her business education background.

Serving as the CEO, she oversees the company’s operations and manages a fashion-centric website.

This platform includes online stores offering clothing items like dresses, earrings, and shoes.

Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, Les Zampino’s daughter has successfully translated her passions into financial success, accumulating a significant amount of wealth.

Les Zampino’s Career

Its trajectory demonstrates a lifelong passion for martial arts.

His journey began to take shape in 1997 with a notable debut on Broadway, marking the start of his varied professional endeavors.

Rooted in the teachings of Master Sang W since 1969, Zampino’s path led him through theater engagements and involvement with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), where he forged a friendship with Grandmaster H.U. Lee.

Further honing his skills, he studied under Master Suk Joon Kim from 1981 to 1985.

Zampino’s dedication to his craft is evident, with his daughter acknowledging his strength at the age of 74 via Instagram.

The culmination of his experiences led him to establish the Northeast Taekwondo Academy, drawing upon over 45 years of expertise.

Today, he proudly holds an eighth-degree black belt, a testament to his lifelong commitment and achievement in the martial arts realm.

Les Zampino’s Financial Worth

It remains relatively undisclosed.

However, it is speculated that he generated income from his establishment of the Northeast Taekwondo Academy, following his successful training journey.

Despite his age, Zampino maintains a robust and healthy appearance, attributable to his active lifestyle as a martial artist.

He has garnered recognition within the Taekwondo community, serving on the AAU executive committee for more than two decades.

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Who is Les Zampino
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. FAQ: Who is Les Zampino?
    • Answer: Les Zampino is a notable martial artist and entrepreneur known for his contributions to the Taekwondo community and his establishment of the Northeast Taekwondo Academy.
  2. FAQ: What is Les Zampino’s background in martial arts?
    • Answer: Les Zampino’s journey in martial arts began with his training under Master Sang W in 1969. He furthered his skills by studying under Master Suk Joon Kim from 1981 to 1985 and has since become a prominent figure in the Taekwondo world.
  3. FAQ: How old is Les Zampino?
    • Answer: Les Zampino was born in the 1930s, making him approximately 88 years old.
  4. FAQ: What is Les Zampino’s net worth?
    • Answer: While specific details about Les Zampino’s net worth are scarce, it is assumed that he generates income from his involvement with the Northeast Taekwondo Academy and his longstanding position on the AAU executive committee within the Taekwondo community.


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