Is Emily Compagno Married? Everything We Know

Yes, Emily Compagno is married to Peter Riley, an ex-data analyst and real estate agent from the US.

Emily Compagno is one of the most popular and successful personalities on Fox News.

She is a legal and sports business analyst, a co-host of The Five, and a contributor to various shows on the network.

Moreover, Emily Compagno is also a former cheerleader, a lawyer, and a federal attorney.

With her intelligence, charisma, and passion, she has won the hearts of millions of viewers and fans.

But what about her personal life? Is Emily Compagno married? Who is her husband? How is their relationship? These are some of the questions that many people are curious about.

In this article, we will reveal the truth about Emily Compagno’s marriage, husband, and their love story.

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Emily Compagno and her husband Peter Riley on their wedding day.
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Who is Emily Compagno married to?

Emily Compagno is married to Peter Riley, a former data analyst and real estate agent.

Even though his wife is well-known, Peter Riley opts for a private way of life.

Below is a summary of what we currently know about him.

Peter Riley Profile Summary

Full Name Peter Riley
Gender Male
Year of Birth 1979
Age 44 years old (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Portland, Oregon, United States
Current Residence Seattle, Washington, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height (in inches) 6’1″
Height (in cm) 185
Weight (in pounds) 172
Weight (in kg) 78
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Relationship Status Married
Wife Emily Compagno
Education Portland State University
Profession Former data analyst, real estate agent
Net Worth $8 million

How Old is Emily Compagno’s husband, Peter Riley?

Peter Riley, born in 1979 is 49 years old as of February 2024.

His exact date of birth is not available to the public though.

What is Peter Riley’s Height and Weight?

According to some sources, Riley is 185 cm (6 feet 1 inches) in height and 78 kg (172 pounds) in weight.

Additionally, Riley has brown eyes and hair.

Peter Riley’s Professional Career

Besides being a successful TV journalist’s husband, Riley is a real estate agent.

Peter Riley works as a real estate broker at Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate in Vancouver, Washington, USA, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile.

He has been recognized as one of the top ten agents in Southwest Washington.

Prior to this, he served as a real estate broker at Prudential NW Properties.

Earlier in his professional journey, spanning from 2003 to 2008, he was involved in data-related work in Portland, Oregon.

What is the estimated Net Worth of Peter Riley?

Several reports estimate Peter Riley’s wealth to be around $8 million as of 2023.

Peter Riley’s approximate net worth is $8 million, acquired from his involvement in the real estate sector, known for its lucrative potential.

With a base salary of $150,000 annually, Peter secures a substantial portion of his income from this industry.

Additionally, he receives noteworthy bonuses from closing successful deals, which often amount to millions of dollars each year, further enhancing his financial standing.

Is Emily Compagno still Married or Divorced?

Emily Compagno remains married to Peter Riley, with no signs of impending divorce circulating.

Despite Emily’s discretion regarding her husband on social media, there is no evidence to suggest any marital discord.

The couple resides together in Seattle, Washington, accompanied by their pet dog.

Emily’s profession frequently takes her to diverse locations such as Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Despite her demanding career in media, Emily adeptly maintains a balance between her professional commitments and her family life.

Emily has occupied various roles in the media landscape, with one prominent position being her ongoing role as Co-Host of Outnumbered since January 25, 2021.

Additionally, in February 2023, she assumed a new role as the host of The FOX True Crime Podcast on Fox News Radio.

Does Emily Compagno and Peter Riley have Children together?

As much as the public is aware, Emily Compagno and Peter Riley do not have any children just yet, despite getting married in 2017.

They seemingly are not in a hurry to become parents and are happy with each other and their loved ones.

Nonetheless, Emily is an great auntie to her sister’s kids.

Emily Compagno has two sisters who are both moms. Julietta Compagno Skoog, one of her sisters, has two girls with her husband, Jon Skoog.

Natalie, Emily’s other sister, also has two girls, but their names are not known to the public.

The three sisters and their families all live in Seattle, Washington State, and keep in touch with each other.

Even though Emily does not have human children, she is a loving pet mom to her dog named Duchess.

As a dog lover she often posts photos with furry friends.

Besides her media work and family, Emily is also active in charity work.

She loves to travel and has been to Africa for charitable causes.

She has helped orphans and built clean water wells for needy communities.

Facts about Peter Riley

  • Why is Peter Riley notable?

Peter Riley gained prominence for his marriage to Emily Compagno, an American attorney and Fox News host. His recognition stems from his association with Emily, a prominent figure in the media realm.

  • Where does Peter Riley come from?

He was born in Portland, Oregon, USA.

How old is Peter Riley?

As of 2024, he is 44 years old, born in 1979.

  • What is Peter Riley’s career?

Initially a data analyst, Peter transitioned into real estate, currently employed at Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate.

  • Who is Peter Riley married to?

Peter Riley is married to TV host Emily Compagno.

  • Where does Peter Riley and Emily Compagno live?

The couple resides in Seattle, Washington, USA.

  • Is Peter Riley still married to Emily Compagno?

As of February 2024, the American media personality and Peter Riley remain married. It’s important to note that they have been married for nearly seven years.

  • What is Peter Riley’s estimated net worth?

Rumors suggest his net worth is approximately $8 million.

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