David Muir Relationships: Finally Dating!

ABC news anchor, David Muir has kept his personal love life private despite being in the limelight.

His fans can’t seemingly stop guessing whether he is dating or married as he has managed to conceal his private life from social media.

Let’s uncover David Muir relationships: who is he currently dating?

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David Muir presenting for ‘World News Tonight’ Photo Courtesy: ABC News

Who is David Muir?

David Muir is a famous American journalist affiliated with ABC News.

He is ABC’s lead anchor on breaking news and special events coverage.

He has a captivating style of presenting his views and debates on various social matters.

The public loves him because he does thorough and clear research on all political and social issues.

Who is David currently dating?

As of December 2023, David Muir is single and not dating anyone. Well, at least not publicly as there isn’t any available information on his personal love life.

David has been private about his personal life, and details about his dating life may not be publicly available.

However, there has been speculations on whom David has been involved with.

A while back, the most spread rumor was that him and Kate Dries were a couple. Let’s quickly confirm that.

David Muir Relationships

Despite his rather private life, there has been a few rumors.

Here are some of the past relationships and associates of David.

David Muir and Gio Benitez

In 2015, David and his fellow journalist Gio Benitez were rumored to be dating, as they were severally spotted gracing gay bars and social gatherings.

Their frequent hangouts seemingly sparked the rumor that was never confirmed to be true.

In September 2015 however, Gio Benitez got engaged to his partner Tommy DiDario calmly putting an end to the allegations of David and Gio dating.

Gio and Tommy later got married in April 2016 at a private ceremony and David Muir’s attendance remains a mystery.

David Muir And Kate Dries

David and Kate’s dating rumor kicked off in 2015, the same year as the rumor with Gio Benitez.

This rumor was quickly ‘backed up’ by Kate’s comments on an article titledReport Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a Monster”. 

Their fans got convinced by this alleged rumor by the photos of the two available on Kate’s Instagram account.

Whether it’s true the two had a relationship is unknown since the rumor quickly faded.

Additionally, David Muir neither confirmed nor denied these rumors leaving the fans to assume they just broke up or didn’t date at all.

David and Axel

The only confirmed relationship is David and his dog Axel.

He is a paw-rent and seemingly loves his dog so much that he shows him off on social media.

Interestingly, this is the only publicly confirmed ‘relationship’ David has.


David Muir relationships has been a subject of interest to his fans who eagerly want to know about his dating life.

However, this cannot be confirmed since David has kept a very private life.

He neither talks about his relationships in person or on social media and keeps the masses guessing.

Additionally, all the dating allegations cannot be confirmed as there isn’t any publicly available information.

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