David Laid height : Uncover the Fitness Star’s True Measure

David Laid height stands at 6 feet 2 inches (equivalent to 188 centimeters).

He possesses brown eyes and brown hair.

David Laid is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and influencer hailing from the United States.

He gained widespread recognition for his remarkable physical transformation showcased in his YouTube videos.

These videos vividly portray Laid’s journey from a slender youth to a formidable powerlifter.

David is an iconic bodybuilder, fitness model, and influencer.

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David laid height
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Where does David Laid originate from?

David Laid was born in Estonia.

At the age of 23, his mother, Nino, gave birth to him.

Tragically, when David was just 2 years old, his father met with a fatal accident, falling from a cruise ship that was docked in their home country.

This tragic event led Nino to make a life-altering decision, and she relocated with her sons to New Jersey, USA, to begin anew.

How old is David Laid?

As of June 2023, David Laid is 29 years old, with his birthdate being January 29, 1994.

Furthermore, David Laid weighs 198 pounds (90 kilograms), and his chest-waist-hip measurements are 41-30-31 inches.

Profile summary

Attribute Details
Full Name David Laid
Birthday January 29, 1994
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age (as of 2023) 29 years
Place of Birth Estonia
Nationality Estonian
Residence Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Profession Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Influencer
Height 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight 198 lb (90 kg)
Chest Size 41 inches (105 cm)
Waist Size 30 inches (78 cm)
Hips Size 31 inches (80 cm)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million
Facebook David Laid
Twitter @david_laid
Instagram @davidlaid
TikTok @davidlaidofficial
YouTube David Laid


Is David Laid’s physique the result of natural efforts?

David’s remarkable transformation has been a source of inspiration for many, yet it has also drawn significant criticism.

Some individuals who question the methods behind his health journey have raised concerns about the potential use of supplements and steroids.

Several clinical experts and academics have examined his story and speculated about the possibility of him experiencing Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

A condition characterized by an obsessive focus on physical appearance, more commonly associated with women but also impacting men.

The question remains: Does David Laid use steroids?

In response to these allegations, David has vehemently denied any steroid use and asserted that he achieved his physique through natural means.

In an interview with MEL Magazine, Laid explicitly rejected the use of growth hormones or illegal performance-enhancing substances.

Furthermore, his mother has corroborated his claim, affirming that he has consistently made responsible choices.

Was David Laid afflicted by scoliosis?

At the age of 14, medical professionals diagnosed David with scoliosis’

A condition characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine.

In response to this diagnosis, he received guidance from doctors who recommended supervised training and weightlifting sessions with a physical therapist.

It was during this period that David Laid discovered his profound interest in fitness.

A passion that blossomed as he dedicated significant time to the gym and delved into educational YouTube fitness content.

His inspiration stemmed from watching videos created by fitness influencers such as Marc Fitt, Keith and Kevin Hodge, and Jeff Seid.

In pursuit of his fitness goals, the teenager made significant lifestyle changes, including leaving behind his hockey pursuits and adopting a more focused dietary regimen.

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How tall is David laid
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Laid Career journey

Consequently, David experienced a gradual increase in muscle mass, marking the beginning of his remarkable transformation journey.

In July 2009, he established his own YouTube channel.

In December of the same year that he gained widespread recognition with the release of a viral video titled “David Laid 18 Month Transformation 14-15 Year Old.”

By the age of 17, David Laid had reached a height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 190 pounds.

His YouTube channel continued to flourish with the release of several more videos, including another viral hit, “David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17,”

As of June 2022, his channel boasts an impressive 1.33 million subscribers and has accumulated over 190 million views.

Beyond YouTube, David Laid has also made a name for himself on various social media platforms, with his Instagram page amassing 2.3 million followers.

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