Cicely Johnston: Husband, Family, Career, Net worth

Cicely Johnston, famed as the better half of the charismatic American actor and writer Demond Wilson, boasts a captivating past as a former American model and actress.

Before venturing into the world of modeling, she soared the skies as an airline stewardess. This luminous personality hails from the sun-kissed landscapes of Palm Springs, California, United States.

An image of Cicely Johnstone, wife of Author and writer Demond Wilson
Young Cicely Johnstone, wife of Author and playwriter Demond Wilson

Profile Summary

Facts of Cicely Johnston
Full Name Cicely Johnston
First Name Cicely
Last Name Johnston
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality American
Birth City Palm Springs, California
Birth Country United States
Father’s Profession Police Officer
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Demond Wilson
No Of Children 6
Married Date May 3, 1974

Cicely Johnstone Bio

Cicely Johnston is an American citizen with  African-American decency. She holds a penchant for maintaining a veil of secrecy around many aspects of her early life, steering clear from the prying eyes of the media.

The identity of Cicely Johnstone’s parents is currently under examination.

However, her father served as a gold shield police officer in Philadelphia, specializing in homicide cases, while her mother held a government position.


Cicely embarked on her professional journey as a model, yet the details of her career beyond that remain shrouded in mystery.

Her prominence, however, soared notably as she became recognized as the wife of the renowned Demond Wilson

Cicely Johnstone Marriage

Demond and Cicely entered the realm of matrimony on May 3, 1974, a time when Cicely was navigating the challenges of her early acting career.

Their union was sealed in an intimate ceremony, attended only by cherished friends and family. To this day, the couple remains united, almost five decades later, calling Orange County their shared home.

Cicely Johnstone and Her husband Desmond
Cicely Johnstone and Her husband Demond.
Source: Facebook page @MyHusbandisMyBestFriend


A striking feature of their union lies in their dedication to safeguarding the privacy of their married life.

Despite their public personas, they’ve made a conscious decision to shield their personal world from unwarranted attention.

Interestingly, Cicely Johnstone’s husband, the well-known actor-turned-evangelist faced challenges with substance abuse for a considerable part of his life.

Cicely Johnstone Kids

Together with her husband Demond, Cicely Johnstone had six children, two sons and four daughters namely; Christopher Wilson, Demond Jr. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Louise Wilson, and Mellisa Wilson.

Cicely Johnstone and Demond Wilson Cheating Scandal

Over the course of their marriage, Cicely Johnstone and Demond have navigated through marital challenges.

While being married to Demond brought Cicely Johnstone a life of opulence, it also came with the challenge of enduring her husband’s moments of infidelity.

Demond Wilson faced public scrutiny due to past infidelity scandals, and, despite acknowledging his mistakes, Cicely resiliently chose to stand by him.

Despite the turbulence, she remained a steadfast support, even aiding Demond in realizing his aspiration to become a preacher.

Net worth

Cicely Johnstone’s¬†financial standing is approximated at $300,000, primarily amassed through her endeavors as a model and stewardess. In contrast, her husband boasts a net worth in the ballpark of $1.5 million US dollars as of October 2023.


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