Chance the Rapper’s Wife: Everything About Kirsten Corley

Chance the Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley, is African-American. Chance and Kirsten got married in 2019 and have two kids together.

However, most recently, in April 2024, Chance the Rapper and Kirsten announced their split.

Kirsten works as a social worker and she’s active in helping others.

Additionally, she started a nonprofit called SocialWorks to support families and people who need help.

Kirsten Corley being African-American is a big deal because it shows how diverse the US is.

Besides, it reminds us that anyone, no matter their race, can do amazing things.

Kirsten is a successful social worker and activist who’s changing lives for the better.

An image of Chance the rapper's wife, Kirsten Corley
Kirsten Corley and Chance the Rapper.

Chance The Rapper’s Wife Ethnicity

Kirsten Katrina Corley Bennett, Chance the Rapper’s wife, is an American of African-American ethnicity.

Born on May 31, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, Kirsten used to work in advertising but now does freelance work in branding and media.

In 2017, she started her own events company called K. Co Events and launched her clothing line, KIC.

Furthermore, Kirsten is active in charitable work.

Kirsten and Chance got married in 2019 and have two daughters named Kensli and Marli Grace Bennett.

Profile Summary

Full Name Kirsten Corley Bennett
Birth Date May 31, 1993
Age 30 years
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, USA
Occupation Entrepreneur, Former Model
Spouse Chance the Rapper
Children Kensli, Marli
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Corley
Net Worth $2 million (approx.)
Instagram kirstencorleybennett
When Did Kirsten Corley and Chance the Rapper Meet?

Chance the Rapper’s wife, Kristen Corley met him when she was just 9 years old.

During the weekend of their wedding, Chance the Rapper recounted how he met his wife Kirsten Corley on X (previously known as Twitter).

He shared a sequence of screenshots illustrating their first meeting at his mom’s 2003 office gathering when he was 9 years old.

Chance disclosed that he first spotted Kirsten when she and her friends performed a dance routine to Destiny’s Child’s song “Independent Women Part 1.”

How Old is Kirsten Corley?

Kirsten Corley, who is Chance the Rapper’s wife, was born on May 31, 1993. As of May 2024, she is 30 years old.

Parents and Siblings

Kirsten Corley, Chance the Rapper’s wife, grew up in a caring family in Chicago.

Her mother, Janice, and father, Wayne Corley, made sure she had a loving home.

Kirsten Corley has two siblings, Krystal and Kyle, and they all grew up together.

Notably, Kirsten values family because she often shares about her close relationships with them on social media.


Kirsten Corley has had a varied and exciting career that matches her vibrant personality.

Starting from her hometown of Chicago, she didn’t just become known as the wife of a famous artist, but she also made her mark in different fields.

Kirsten kicked off her career in fashion, where she showed off her grace and style on runways and in photo shoots.

Kirsten’s unique fashion sense made her stand out. She didn’t stop there; she also tried her hand in real estate.

Her knack for understanding people’s needs and her honest approach made her a trusted real estate agent, respected for her hard work and commitment.

Kirsten and Chance’s Separation

Chance the rapper and his wife, Kirsten Corley broke up in April 2024. They both shared on Instagram on April 3, 2024, that they were separating.

The former couple said they made the amicable decision to split after spending some time apart.

Chance the rapper and Kirsten Corley mentioned that they were blessed with two lovely daughters whom they would continue to raise together.

Additionally, they asked for privacy and respect as they go through the change.

This news came out almost a year after fans started thinking that Chance and Corley were having problems in their marriage.

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